Handcrafted 3D Printed Pop Socket - KC Heart

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3D printed pop socket top , hand painted with liquid polymer clay.
*** due to handmade process each ring may be slightly different than shown in photos, flaws are also possible, however design will be the same. ***
Sockets are one of a kind.
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Stains, cracks, and scratches may occur on cabochon or base, if not properly cared for. 

Care recommendations:

  • avoid wearing the ring when applying any sort of liquid such as perfumes, oils, hairspray, and more.
  • remove your ring when showering or going into the pool/water.
  • avoid dropping your ring as they can crack, and small, intricate parts on the ring can break off due to the impact.
  • when not in use or when traveling, store ring in a container to avoid scratches from sharp objects
To clean polymer clay, we suggest to use a moist soft fabric and wipe it gently. You may also use a tooth brush with a soft bristle to remove dirt and dust.

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