About Ivy Lena

Ivy Lena, founded in 2019, is led by creator, artist, and designer, Kesha Lacy.  Ivy Lena combines modern and traditional materials to produce products that are unique and personal. Each product is custom crafted and styles are regularly updated to keep up with our designer's latest inspirations. 

Ever since Kesha was a child, she has loved to create, craft, and design. Her passions are her children and family, friends, and creative projects that she can design from scratch. That’s what brings Ivy Lena to the online shopping world today. 
The name Ivy Lena stems from Kesha's two beautiful children. Her son is a fourth (IV) and her daughter’s name is Lena.  A brand that comes from the heart.
Thank you for taking the time to visit Ivy Lena. We truly believe that a single accessory can make anyone’s day just a little bit more fun!